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FIRST, be sure your organization was registered last year (2017-18). CLICK HERE to download a pdf of all organizations registered in 2017-18 - if your group's name does not appear on this list, then you were not registered last year. Next, check to see if your group was registered in the past three (3) years by viewing old student organizations lists. If you do not see your group's name on any of those lists, then you should FOLLOW THIS LINK to register your organization.

If your organization's name DOES appear on that list, then you can continue to RENEW your organization for the 2018-19 academic year. Here's what you'll need:

  • ONLY GROUP ADMINISTRATORS MAY RENEW AN ORGANIZATION.  To check to see who the administrators are, find your organization at Cornell's Undergrad OrgSync page.  For Graduate/Professional groups, go to Cornell's Grad-Prof OrgSync Page to locate your organization.  Once you've landed on your group's page, click on the PEOPLE link in the top navigation menu, and then click on the heading ALL PEOPLE (near the top left side of the page) and select the group called ADMINISTRATORS. The people listed there are the administrators of your group, and have the ability to renew your organization and make updates/changes.  For more information about granting administrative access to members, check out the How Do I page.
  • Next, be sure you are at your HOME page, and click the PROFILE tab.  You should see a bright orange box indicating that your attention is needed to update your profile.  Click the UPDATE NOW box to continue.  You will then be taken through the registration process with all of the fields filled in with your organization's information.  Update any necessary field(s) (officers, contact info, past events, description, etc.).  Be sure to complete all pages until you reach the final page and see the FINISH button.  Click the FINISH button, and your renewal request will be submitted.


Once your registration is received and reviewed by Campus Activities, all officers and the advisor will receive an email indicating their review and approval is necessary. You may also receive a preliminary email indicating that your application was received and approved. Please read this message carefully, as this email DOES NOT necessarily indicate that your organization has received final approval.  In order to receive final approval, all officers and the advisor must sign off on all required forms electronically, as instructed in the email sent to them. If any officer or the advisor did not receive the email notification, or needs it resent to them, please send a request to

IT IS UP TO YOU to be sure the officers and advisor follow the link in the email, and complete the required forms. Once all forms are submitted and all other requirements are fulfilled, your group will receive final registration approval. Please note this approval process could take up to 5 business days. The only clear indicator that your organization is APPROVED is the field located on your profile page titled 'Registration Status - 2018-19.' If that field says PENDING or is not present, please contact our office as soon as possible.


Yes, an administrator in your group can update information at any time.  Simply locate your organization, and click on SETTINGS >> ORGANIZATION SETTINGS, and follow the link to UPDATE PROFILE.  Just be sure to continue through each page, and click on the FINISH button at the end.  It is important to remember that, regardless of how much or little you change, each officer and the advisor will be required to approve the changes each and every time your profile is updated.  Therefore, it's good practice to only update when needed, and try to consolidate your changes in order to reduce the number of times you update your profile.



Please check out the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and/or the HOW DO I  pages first.  If you can't find an answer there, feel free to contact Campus Activities, 521 Willard Straight Hall • • 607-255-4169

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