The ALANA Intercultural Board is an intercultural umbrella student organization that seeks to provide the Cornell community with a wide variety of programming that fosters awareness of and appreciation for a wide variety of perspectives and the ability to engage inter-culturally. In addition, ALANA seeks to allocate funds to those registered student organizations that wish to provide such programming. ALANA programs embrace social, cultural, educational, and service initiatives that help to express the variety of perspectives and experiences at Cornell, and that respond to the needs of students of who come from an extensive range of heritages and lifestyles. We are committed to creating and supporting events that cater to the intercultural community at Cornell University and the surrounding Ithaca area.

The link below is an excel sheet with currently registered ALANA member organizations with the contact information of their executive boards. These organizations are eligible for funding through ALANA. To become eligible for ALANA, a student organization must be registered on OrgSync, have diversity, inclusion, or cultural awareness within it's mission or programming, attend monthly G-Body meetings, and attend the ALANA leadership summit in the Fall semester. If you did not make it, be sure to contact Niña Kitele at nck26@cornell.edu for information on how to make up the meeting.


The Umbrella Organizations



List of Registered ALANA Member Organizations



"State of the Union" Meetings

ALANA general body meetings are mandatory again starting FALL 2018.



Please contact Aaliya Khan (avk46@cornell.edu) with any questions about the funding cycle process.

* Please give a leeway of 2 to 3 business days for decision dates.

 ALANA is funded by the Student Activity Fee, and is a University Organization housed within the Office of Student Support and Diversity Education within the Office of the Dean of Students.

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