Pledging Alpha Chi Sigma (ΑΧΣ) is a national co-educational professional college fraternity specializing in the field of chemistry. The Tau Chapter does not discriminate based on any criterion, including but not limited to major, year, gender, race, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, or nation of origin. The criteria we do have is a willingness to learn about us, a good fit with the current active Brotherhood, and an enjoyment of science, specifically chemistry. 

The Tau Chapter has rush week once each semester, usually during the second week of classes. Rush events are not binding and are intended for you to get a sense of what the fraternity is like. At the end of rush week, we hold Induction, when you officially become a pledge. We invite you to come and attend the following Rush events we have planned for the upcoming semester. Events will usually run from 6-8pm (Stay Tuned for Updates on Exact Dates! They are currently tentative.)

The pledge process includes short weekly meetings, at a time to be determined by the Vice Master Alchemist, the brother who is in charge of the pledge process. There are also two required events during the pledge process, to be held at a time convenient for the pledges. Additionally, there are many optional events, including Professional and Service activities. The pledge process culminates in an initiation ceremony, where, if you are seen to be fit to do so, you will become a brother. For more information, please contact the current Vice Master Alchemist for Fall 2017, Ali Bergmann, at