Meet the Board!

Co-Presidents: Kevin Wang & Jessica Wu

Kevin Wang is a senior from Taipei, Taiwan, majoring in Human Biology, Health and Society, with a minor in Inequality Studies. He joined Alternative Breaks as a freshman on the Tangelo Park trip, and became one of its co-trip leaders the next year. After continuing as Secretary for his junior year, he now serves as one of the Co-Presidents for the program, and is excited to share service-learning and community engagement with the Cornell community. He plans to bridge service with his career interests in medicine and healthcare. On campus, he is also part of Cornell Club of Taiwan, Cornell Asian Pacific Islander Union, and the Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honor Society.

Jessica Wu is a senior studying Biological Sciences with a concentration in Neurobiology and Behavior. She joined Alternative Breaks as a sophomore as a trip participant on the Goddard TOP/GK trip and as the Trip Leader for Goddard TOP/GK in her junior year. Now serving as one of the Co-Presidents, she is excited to continue to spread service learning and social justice issues to the Cornell community. Outside of Alternative Breaks, she is a member of alpha Kappa Delta Phi and is also part of BreakFree Hip Hop. In her free time, she loves to dance and hang out with friends.

Vice President: Alice Zhao

Alice Zhao is a third-year undergraduate student studying at Cornell University majoring in Biology & Society. From Syosset, New York, she enjoys playing badminton, performing Chinese yo-yo, and hanging out with friends, as well as participating in several student organizations such as Alternative Breaks, and aspires to serve the public in the healthcare field. Having been a trip member and later leader on the trip to Womankind, an agency located in New York dedicated to serving survivors of gender-based violence, she has actively participated in weekly 1.5 hour-long discussions on topics relevant to the social justice issue of domestic violence, developed an understanding in domestic abuse and the intersectionality of culture, race, and class in issues of civil rights, and developed and headed 7 workshop proposals for the survivors at the center. This year she hopes to serve the community and program again as the vice-president and is looking forward to learning more and developing a deeper understanding and bigger picture view of the issues at hand.

Head Publicity Chair: Carrie Huang

Carrie Huang is a senior from Rutherford, NJ studying Information Science in the College of Arts of Science. She was a trip participant on the Womankind trip her Freshman year, was Co-Publicity Chair last year, and is now back as Head Publicity Chair. Outside of Alternative Breaks, Carrie is also a part of Community Center Programs, alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority, and Cornell Club of Taiwan and enjoys activities like photography, swimming, and painting.



Assistant Publicity Chairs: Jack Wang & Hellen Jang

Jack Wang is a junior majoring in Information Science and minoring in Business. He joined Alternative Breaks last year and participated in the Mountain Lake Academy trip. He is passionate about meaningful service and is looking forward to be a part of Alternative Breaks again as part of the publicity team!



Hellen Jang is a junior from South Korea and Taiwan in the College of Arts & Sciences, majoring in Biology & Society and minoring in Health Policy. She joined Alternative Breaks as a Womankind trip participant last year and is excited to continue her involvement in AltBreaks as Co-Assistant Publicty Chair. Outside of Alternative Breaks, Hellen is also involved in Alpha Phi Omega and Cornell Club of Taiwan and works in the Becker house dining hall.


Co-Treasurers: Charissa Chiu & Eliana Kaplan 

Charissa Chiu is a sophomore studying applied economics and management in the Dyson School of Business. She is also minoring in animal science. She joined Alternative Breaks last year, freshmen year, as a trip participant in the Womankind trip. After her eye-opening experience learning about domestic violence and working with the Womankind agency, she decided to return as a Co-Treasurer. Outside of Alternative Breaks, Charissa is an active member in Cornell Club of Taiwan, since she was born and raised in Taiwan. She is also in AIESEC where she works to send students abroad over summer and winter break for a volunteer internship with an NGO. Some of her hobbies are drawing, graphic designing, and volleyball. She also loves all animals.

Eliana Kaplan is a sophomore from Palo Alto, California studying Policy Analysis and Management with minors in Business and Inequality Studies. Eliana joined Alternative Breaks as a freshman and participated in the Goddard Home Delivered Meals and Senior Center Trip. Now serving as a co-treasurer for the program, Eliana is thrilled to continue her service-learning journey. Outside of Alternative Breaks, Eliana is involved in Cornell International Business Association, Cornell Hillel, and Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity. 


Co-Head Service Learning Chairs: Darshna Anigol & Nancy Engel

Darshna Anigol is a Biology major, minoring in Anthropology in the College of Arts and Sciences. Darshna is originally from Walnut Creek, CA. Darshna joined Alternative Spring Breaks as a trip participant for GEMS in her freshman year and was a GEMS trip leader her sophomore and junior year. Darshna wants to continue to learn about a greater breadth of social justice issues and take on a different role in the program. This year, she is very excited to be the Co-Service Learning Chair as a senior. Outside of Alternative Spring Breaks, Darshna is also a part of SASSY and conducts research on fruit flies. 

Nancy Engel is a junior Biology and French major with CS and Inequality Studies minors from Tallahassee, FL. She was a participant for the West-End Intergenerational Residence trip her freshman year, then served as Assistant-Service Learning Chair and GallopNYC trip leader on the board last year, which inspired her to come back as a Head Service-Learning Chair. Outside of Alt Breaks, she participates in research on organ transplantation, as a member of Cornell Food Recovery Network, and as a kitchen steward in her cooperative house.

Assistant Service Learning Chairs: Shruti Juneja & Anna Huang

Shruti Juneja is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Information Science and Government and minoring in Business. She is originally from Mountain View, CA and has previously participated in two Alternative Breaks trips. Freshman year, she went on the GEMS (Girls Educational and Mentoring Services) trip, and sophomore year she went on the WIR (West End Intergenerational Residence) trip. As Assistant Service Learning Co-Chair, she is looking forward to delving deeper and learning more about how service learning principles can be used to better understand the root causes of social justice issues. Participating on the GEMS trip opened her eyes to the complexities and the prevalence of the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) in the United States and prompted her to get involved with SASSY (Students Against the Sexual Solicitation of Youth). In addition to being an e-board member of SASSY, Shruti is a news editor for The Cornell Daily Sun and an analyst for the Cornell International Business Association. 

Anna Huang is a second-year computer science major and philosophy minor from Taiwan. She was a trip participant last year and, eager to share her transformative experience, will be returning to the service learning team this coming year. She enjoys food, art, travel, dreaming, and investing in the people and community around her.




Assistant Service Learning Chair & Non-NYC Coordinator: Ailen Salazar

Ailen Salazar is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences double majoring in Spanish and Sociology.  She was a co-trip leader for the MLA trip during her freshman year, and her experience at MLA has encouraged her to stay in AltBreaks where she has discovered her new passion for social justice. This year, she returns as the Non-NYC Coordinator and Assistant Service Learning Chair to expand her knowledge on other social justice issues and serve the agencies and the team in any way she can. After leaving Los Angeles to come to Cornell, she forms part of other communities on campus including VP of Programming for La Asociación Latina, President of DREAM Team, and a member of several committees. She is also part of the Leadership Council, which works with various social justice organizations on campus. She'd like to get to know you, so feel free to say hi when you see her around.

Head New York City Coordinator 

We are currently recruiting for this position. Contact Alternative Breaks at if you are interested! 

New York City Sub-Coordinators: James Zhang & Rosemary Iwuala

James Zhang is a sophomore in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, majoring in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences. He works at Cornell Cinema and is an avid member of the Cornell Running Club. Last year, he was a participant in the Goddard TOP/Green Keepers team in NYC. Born and raised in Forest Hills, Queens, James has developed a passionate sense of citizenship for NYC, and plans to use his studies in environmental and social justice to address it.

Rosemary Iwuala is a sophomore majoring in Biological Sciences. She decided to return to Alternative Breaks in the spring of her freshman year after her amazing experience as a trip participant on the Goddard: Home Delivered Meals and Senior Center trip. Outside of Alternative Breaks, Rosemary is involved in p3 and Into the Streets. In the future, she hopes to become a physician.



Housing Supervisor

We are currently recruiting for this position. Contact Alternative Breaks at if you are interested! 

GALLOP Trip Leader: Lily Chen 

Lily Chen is a sophomore from Shanghai, China. Her previous experience as a trip participant on the GALLOP trip has inspired her to pursue a Sociology major and come back as a trip leader this year. She hopes to, together with the trip participants, learn to care more about social justice issues and also themselves. On campus, she is also an active member of the Cornell Percussion Ensemble. 


GEMS Trip Leader: Louise Xie


Louise Xie is a sophomore from Albany, NY majoring in Biology & Society and History. Last year, she was a trip member on the GEMS trip, and is returning this year as trip leader for the GEMS team. She is excited to learn more about the communities around her and what it means to be an active citizen through Alternative Breaks. She currently works at the Johnson Museum of Art, is involved in research on developing virtual reality arenas for flies, and is a part of Chinese Bible Study. In her free time, she makes and buys too much coffee.



Goddard: Home Delivered/Senior Center Trip Leader: Manavii Kumar

Manavii Kumar is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, studying Biology and Society. She was a trip participant for Goddard: Home Delivered Meals and Senior Center her freshman year and is excited to be the trip leader this year. She hopes to give the same unforgettable experience she had to other students and raise awareness about issues older adults in our community face. Outside of Alternative breaks, Manavii is also involved in an Indian dance group, Nazaqat and is a writer for Cornell's The Research Paper magazine.

Goddard: TOP/Green Keepers Trip Leader: Lancelot Herpin



Harlem Grown Trip Leader

We are currently recruiting for this position. Contact Alternative Breaks at if you are interested! 

MLA Trip Leader: Bianca Murillo

Bianca Murillo is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Psychology. Growing up in Chicago, she was exposed to many social justice issues which prompted her to join Alternative Breaks. Last year, Bianca participated as a Trip Participant for Mountain Lake Academy. Her experience at the agency led her to become more passionate about social justice hence her return as a Trip Leader. On campus, Bianca is a YOURS mentor tutoring elementary school students. She is part of CG- a community group for girls. Additionally, Bianca works at the Public Service Center within the Leadership Council. If you see her around, feel free to say hello! 


SAFE Trip Leader:

We are currently recruiting for this position. Contact Alternative Breaks at if you are interested! 

True Colors/New Alternatives Trip Leader: Angela Li 

Angela Li is a sophomore from Buffalo, NY double majoring in Government and Biology and hopefully with a minor in Inequality Studies. She was a trip participant for True Colors/New Alternatives her freshman year and is returning to be Trip Leader for the same trip. The TC/NA trip was transformative for her career plans and involvement in social justice, and she believes Alternative Breaks' service-learning focus is incredibly important and makes Alt Breaks unique among all the service organizations on campus. She is currently doing her best to figure out whether to go into medicine or law, preferably before she has to take organic chemistry, but either way she plans to continue being active in addressing inequality in underserved communities. Outside of Alt Breaks, she is a brother of the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, works as a University Representative at the Cornell Annual Fund, and is on the Thorny Roses Ultimate Frisbee team.

New Settlement Trip Leader

We are currently recruiting for this position. Contact Alternative Breaks at if you are interested! 

Florida Coordinator & Tangelo Trip Leader: Makayla Durant 

Makayla Durant is a freshman in the College of Human Ecology majoring in Human Biology Health and Society, with minors in Education and Global Health. She joined Alternative Breaks as a freshman on the Tangelo Park trip and is now a Tangelo Park trip leader. Her experience in Alternative Breaks has allowed her to understand the value of service learning and apply such principles to her service efforts on and off campus. Outside of Alternative Breaks, Makayla is secretary for the Cornell Caribbean Student Association Dance Ensemble, Vice President of Programing for the Pre-Medical Minority Mentorship Program and a Cornell Traditional Fellow. During her free time she enjoys singing, dancing and being physically active.


WIR Trip Leader:

We are currently recruiting for this position. Contact Alternative Breaks at if you are interested! 

Womankind Trip Leader: Alice Zhao

Sherry Xie is a junior from Columbia, Missouri double majoring in Anthropology and Computer Science. She joined Alternative Breaks her sophomore year as a trip participant on the Womankind trip, and is excited to be returning as the Womankind Trip Leader this year so she can continue her exploration of service learning and social justice issues. She is an avid poetry reader, crime show viewer, and katsu curry consumer, and is involved with the Cornell Engineering Career Fair Team, Anabel's Grocery, and GlobeMed at Cornell. Her future goals include combining her various interests and studies into a career through which she can work for the greater good, but for now she's content with just passing all her classes and living up to the Trip Leader title. 




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