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Do you have a passion for art? Interested in working with incarcerated youth? Art Beyond Cornell combines artistic expression and public service, providing local juvenile correction facilities with opportunities to do art. We strive to develop confidence, interpersonal skills, and creativity. No artistic experience is necessary. To get involved, contact cu.artbeyondcornell@gmail.com.

Mission Statement:
Art Beyond Cornell aims to bring new perspectives to both Cornell students and institutionalized youth around Ithaca by providing a new means of self-expression, communication, and growth through art.

What We Do:
We volunteer weekly at MacCormick Secure Center (a high-security prison for men up to 21 years of age). Each week, we prepare a different art project (using a wide range of media and styles) to do with the residents. No prior art experience necessary.

In the Cornell community, we raise awareness by holding an art show at the end of each year, showcasing the artwork done over the course of the semester and giving all Cornellians a unique chance to experience the perspectives of these institutionalized youth.


Art Beyond Cornell was founded in 2005, when one particularly talented resident of the Lansing Residential center requested an art mentor. At the onset, the members of Art Beyond Cornell were predominately art majors, who provided projects during weekly visits at the Lansing Residential Center. Since then, ABC expanded to volunteering within the MacCormick Secure Center, and our volunteers now span all colleges, majors, and backgrounds. Unfortunately, after Lansing’s closing in 2013, ABC focused solely upon residents of the MacCormick Secure Center. Our focus has shifted from teaching through artistic techniques to a stronger emphasis on providing satisfying projects that provide a means of self-expression and a sense of accomplishment to both residents and volunteers. Our goal of empowerment, enlightenment, and collaboration for both volunteers and residents remains our core value.


Art Beyond Cornell

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