Haley Tan


School of Hotel Administration, ’19

Hi! My name is Haley, and I am a junior in the Hotel School. After learning about C-CAMP’s unique mission my sophomore year, I knew I wanted to be a part of the organization. Moving around every three years, I struggled with my identity as a child and as a result lacked confidence. My fear vanished when I moved overseas and attended an international school; I quickly realized that my peers had so much pride in their culture which inspired me to learn more about my own culture as well. Fully accepting my identity and embracing my heritage has given me confidence. Being a part of this organization for a year now, I now understand the beauty of the C-CAMP effect. The C-CAMP impact is exactly what I described above. This organization inspires young children to embrace their heritages and realize their full potentials.

Sara Koyama Hwong


Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, '18

Hi! My name is Sara, and I'm studying environmental science. As the Co-President, I hope to bridge the Cornell community with the surrounding Ithacan community by creating an atmosphere within which we can all share stories, memories, and cultures. I myself have been mentoring two sisters named Saya and Mina for the past 3 years, and we spent our first day getting together with the family and sharing a meal. I have a feeling that we're going to continue having a fantastic time together -- we've already planned to go hiking, bake cookies, watch movies, and go bowling!

Nuri Kim 

Director of External Affairs

Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences, ‘18

Cultural awareness and recognition holds an important place in my heart. Growing up both in the United States and Korea, I learned to embrace and love both sides of me. (Though the two cultures sometimes have conflicting viewpoints.) I believe knowing who you are and what you are a part of is crucial to understanding yourself. I want to help others recognize it too. Being a part of C-CAMP inspires me so much not just because I can do this but also because I can learn so much from the mentees as well. Seeing how my mentees be curious, learn, and accept their two cultures is amazing and I want to be there to help them throughout all of it. As an e-board member, I will work with my other members to foster a safe and friendly environment in which our mentees can comfortably bond with their mentors and learn more about themselves.

Ashley Kim

Director of Human Resources

Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences, '19

I am a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Chemistry and Chemical Biology and minoring in Biological Sciences. As a part of C-CAMP, I hope to encourage mentors in community engagement and building personal relationships with mentees. Along with my involvement with C-CAMP, I am also a part of Into the Streets and am on the Service Team of Alpha Phi Omega. I am looking forward to making a positive and meaningful impact on the Ithaca community with the help of C-CAMP mentors for this upcoming school year.

Leah Rosner

Director of Education and Outreach

School of Industrial and Labor Relations, '21

Hi! I am a first year in the ILR School. From a young age, my Mom encouraged me to engage in cross cultural dialogue in an organization called CASPY (Chinese Asian Siblings Program for Youth) to help me gain confidence in my identity. I am so grateful for this organization for allowing me to enter such an important conversation. At club fest, I was immediately drawn to C-CAMP's mission, a mission that I myself have been pursuing my whole life. As the Director of Education and Outreach, I am eager to extend C-CAMP to both the greater Cornell and Ithaca community. I am so excited to lead these cross cultural dialogues with mentees and to continue to learn more about my identity in a safe and warm environment!


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