Meet our candidates for the 2017 CCC Executive Board! Elections will be held on Thursday, November 17th, 2016.


Finance Director

Hi, I’m Julia Katz and I’m running for ~Finance Director~

Why are you running?

I love music and concerts, so I joined Concert Commission the first meeting after clubfest freshman year and it changed my life. I’ve never felt so connected to something that I thought was equally fun and important.  Furthermore, I have made amazing friends and had experiences that made my freshman year and first semester of sophomore year great. I’m running for Finance Director so that I can apply my organizational and business skills to support a club that I really love.

Why are you a good fit?

As an AEM major, my studies focus on business management, accounting, economics, and finance.  My favorite class this year is spreadsheet modelling, which speaks to my obsession with organizing numbers and data.  I also have experience as treasurer of a publication in my high school and know how to properly budget and collect receipts for reimbursement. Overall, I am responsible, motivated, professional, and have high attention to detail-- all traits that would help me be an amazing Finance Director.

Why should I vote for you?

From friends, to good music, to free pizza, I have gotten so much out of CCC and I would love the chance to give back. I’m passionate about business, and I’m running for this position because it allows me to pursue this interest while helping out a club that has really made my time at Cornell unique and exciting.   My experience and enthusiasm will ensure the financial success and longevity of Concert Commission.  In the words of the New York hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, “Cash Rules Everything Around Me (C.R.E.A.M.),”  so let me rule the cash around you. 

Aidan Weed

Hey guys, my name’s Aidan Weed and I’m a Sophomore Computer Science major in the College of Arts and Sciences. I’m running for the Finance position of E-Board because I'd like to deepen my commitment to CCC and combine it with my interest in the music business. I have a solid background in math, stats and economics, and participated in budgeting and business-planning meetings during my two summer internships at startups in Seattle. Beyond my financial responsibilities, I would be excited to do whatever it takes to make CCC even more fun and keep attracting great artists. I'd like to give back to this club for three incredible semesters of working shows and meeting awesome people, and I can't think of a better way to do that then to serve as your financial representative.

Nate Vasquez

My name is Nate Vasquez. I am a Junior in C.A.L.S. studying Biological Sciences and minoring in Business. My favorite genre of music is hip/hop but thanks to C.C.C., my preferences and overall appreciation for music have expanded dramatically. I am running for the position of Financial Chair in C.C.C. for two main reasons. The first reason is that I want to learn more about the financial duties that go into putting on a show. The second reason is that I want to give back to a club that has given me new friends and new perspectives as well as give back to Cornell by helping to put on awesome concerts for the community to enjoy.



Promotions Director

Bhai Jaiveer Singh (Jai)

I like the Velvet Underground and art and music and The Strokes and The Clash and Bob Dylan and other people. I play drums and saxophone and pretend to play guitar because it looks cool. I’m really into design and art and making posters (I’ve worked as a graphics designer) so I feel I’ll be a good fit for promotion. I’ve been at CCC for a while and really love it and have a lot of experience tabling and postering. I’m really excited to take on a bigger role in the club and am willing to put in the time and effort.

Simon Fines

I am a senior majoring in Biological Engineering in the College of Engineering. As a senior, I have had 6 semesters worth of experience in CCC and counting. During my time in CCC, have been very dedicated to the club, attending several tabling events and working countless shows. In terms of day of shows, I have had several experiences with ushering in Bailey, both in CCC as well as in CUPB. I also enjoy bonding with other CCC members during tabling as well as quarter carding to promote shows. As promotions chair, I will put a strong emphasis on tabling and postering. Tabling and postering with groups not only promotes our shows, but also allows a stronger connection amongst CCC members and eboard members.

Julia Katz

I’m incredibly passionate about CCC and also very punny and creative.  Combining these three elements would lead to the creation of the most talked about promotions for CCC imaginable.  Furthermore, I have experience promoting my radio show with Paris Korman and we consistently get hundreds of views on our posts, and that’s just from our friendgroup.  Overall, I can utilize my creativity, passion, and technological capabilities to promote the heck out of CCC!

I am responsible, motivated, professional, and have high attention to detail-- all traits that would help me be an amazing member of e-board.  As an AEM major, I love business, and marketing is an extension of this passion! My experience and enthusiasm will ensure the success, high attendance and hype of Cornell concerts.




Selections Director

Paris Korman

Hi I’m Paris and I would love to be this wonderful club’s new Selections Director! Before coming to Cornell, my dad took me to the Icona Pop/Grace Potter homecoming concert and convinced me to apply here. From the moment I made that decision to apply, I knew that I wanted to get involved with whomever organized that concert I attended. From the first meeting, I have dedicated my time to everything this club had to offer from working shows, to crew heading Ticket Taking, to dodging spiders at Into the Streets. As far as selections goes, I’m really into finding new music and talking about all the weird songs I’ve discovered. This position will allow me to discover even more and allow me to bring the Cornell community together through music. Beyond being responsible and passionate for this position, I’m super adaptive to change and no matter what is thrown my way I’m positive I’ll be able to work with the rest of board to come up with the best solutions.

Simon Fines

I am a senior majoring in Biological Engineering in the College of Engineering. As a senior, I have had 6 semesters worth of experience in CCC and counting. Having worked a variety of crews and being crew head for several of them, I have the knowledge of how the different crews intereact with each other during day of show. I also have a wide range in musical taste and keep up with popular and/or up and coming bands that would be ideal for bringing to Cornell. I wish to incorporate more involvment for Gbody members during meetings to better understand their thoughts and opinions on different artists in general.



Administrative Director

Pravir Samtani

Hey! My name is Pravir and I’m a sophomore studying Information Science. I’ve been on CCC since the first meeting of my freshman year, and I’ve never looked back. I am already administrative director for Slope Day so I am very qualified for the position and look forward to serving as admin for CCC if I am lucky enough to get that honor.



Productions Director

Sean King

Sean is a sophomore majoring in Materials Science & Engineering, and has a lifelong love of music and concerts. Joining CCC and getting to see the other side of the concert industry has been amazing and eye opening, and he would love to get the chance to delve even farther into the process. Running for the executive board position in charge of production he hopes to learn as much as he can about concert production and continue the great work of CCC.



Executive Director

Will Donnelly

Will Donnelly, ILR Junior. I am running for Executive Director because I have gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge in my time with CCC and through my role as Productons Director. I want to give back to CCC by applying that experience and knowledge to the position of Executive Director.