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The Basics

What is Into the Streets?

Into the Streets (ITS) is Cornell’s largest student-directed, public service event. Since ITS began in 1991, thousands of students have participated throughout the years by volunteering in the Ithaca community. We focus on promoting social responsibility and commitment to public service among college students. A variety of local organizations participate in ITS.

When is ITS?

This year, ITS will be hosted on Friday, October 27th (with limited availability) and Saturday, October 28th.

What kinds of service will I do?

There is a huge variety of local Ithaca organizations that participate in ITS. Your service project will depend on which organization your team is paired with. Past service projects have included repainting playground equipment, working with children, and cleaning and weeding gardens. You will find out what organization and project you will be working on after registration and after the team leader training meeting. Please fill out the survey to make a more specified request for the type of service you are interested in when completing the signup form and communicate any special accommodations (i.e. health limitations) that need to be considered when placing your team with an agency.

Unfortunately, we cannot match teams directly to an agency because of the large volume of volunteers. We will do our best to take into account your interest requests but this does not guarantee you a volunteering experience with that specific agency.

What is the time frame for our project?

The time frame for Friday will depend on volunteer and agency matchings. On Saturday projects will take place between 12-4pm. Registration will begin at 10am on both days.


How do I register?

Team leaders must first register their team online. Once team leaders have registered their team, team members may register online under the volunteer sign up form.

When do I register?

Registration begins on TBD when the forms will go live for both team leaders and volunteers. Team Leaders can sign up their teams until TBD, and volunteers can sign up until TBD. NOTE: There are only 500 available spots so sign up before they're all gone!

I’m not sure if I can make the event. Should I still register to be in a group?

We recommend that you do not sign up unless you are committed to attending. It is imperative that each team has the amount of people necessary for the project assigned to it so that we are respecting the agencies' work order requests.

What is a team leader?

Team leaders coordinate their team for a successful volunteering events. The responsibilities of a team leader are:

1. Ensure each group member fills out the necessary forms

2. Attend a team leader training meeting

3. Ensure that all registered group members attend the event

4. Maintain a professional relationship with the agency

5. Maintain a positive group attitude

6. Organize and ensure transportation for your team to the agency on the day of the event.

When are the team leader training meetings?

The dates are TBD and TBD, and all team leaders are required to attend one of the two training days.

How do I become a team leader?

Anyone can be a team leader by registering online. All you have to do is get a group of 4-12 friends or members of an organization you belong to (including yourself) to sign up. Team leaders are also required to attend a one-hour training meeting, which will take place approximately two weeks before the actual service project.

Is it possible to participate in Into the Streets as an individual? If so, will I be assigned a team or would work on a project alone?

Yes! We would love to have you as an individual volunteer for Into The Streets. If you sign up as an individual volunteer you will be placed in a team with other individual volunteers for the event. If you would be interested in being a team leader for a team of individual volunteers please indicate so on the volunteer sign up, and we will send you more information!

Can I be on more than one team?

No, you are not able to be a member on more than one team unless the teams are participating on separate days (i.e. you may be a member on one team that participates Friday and one that participates on Saturday, but not two teams that participate on Saturday).


What is the kick-off event?

The kick-off event will occur on the morning of Saturday, October 28th. Registration for the Saturday event will take place, influential Cornell leaders and administrators will speak briefly at the event, and ITS t-shirts will be handed out.

Will lunch be provided for the volunteers?

Lunch will not be provided at the event. You are expected to eat before/after your volunteer slot or bring a snack to your assigned location.

I’m a team member, and I can no longer make the event! What do I do?

Contact an Into the Streets board member and your team leader immediately. Your registration constitutes your commitment to participate in Into the Streets. Unless it is an emergency, please be aware that your absence jeopardizes the work requested by your agency.

I’m a team leader, and I can longer make the event! What do I do?

Contact an Into the Streets board member immediately. Team leaders must attend the event and must ensure that all group members attend. Your registration constitutes your commitment to participate in Into the Streets. Unless it is an emergency, please be aware that your absence jeopardizes the work requested by your agency.

I’m a team leader, and a team member suddenly cancels! What do I do?

Try to find someone to take that member’s place, train the individual, and have them fill out the subsequent paperwork. Contact an Into the Streets board member immediately about any changes to your group.

How do I get to the organization I’m volunteering at?

Team leaders are responsible for coordinating transportation for their team prior to the day of. ITS does not provide any transportation. If there are any problems please contact an Into the Streets board member.

I arrived at the organization, but no one from the organization is there. What do I do?

Contact an ITS board member immediately.


I’m a part of a local Ithaca organization, and I’d like to host a project through ITS. What do I do?

Contact about registering to be an agency before TBD. We will send you the necessary materials.

The group of students assigned to my project did not show up. What do I do?

Contact your assigned ITS contact and email immediately.


ITS is awesome! How do I get more involved?

We really appreciate your enthusiasm for the program! If you want to get more involved, please look out for our ITS Representative applications in the fall and E-Board applications in the spring! For any inquiries, feel free to contact us at

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