Welcome to the CUTonight Commission!

CUTonight's purpose is to provide event-oriented funding (up to $5,000) to student organizations for innovative late-night programs at Cornell University. We are entirely student run (for students, by students) and we receive by-line funding from the Cornell Undergraduate Student Assembly. Note: The group's executive board must notify the Comission's eboard members within 3 days upon receiving notification to determine if they need an appeal.

CUTonight strives to provide the Cornell community with the highest caliber late-night events possible.  The evaluation of applications is rigorous and the process competitive.  CUTonight funds events that:

  • are innovative
  • appeal to students’ diverse social interests
  • offer variety to the selection of late-night entertainment available on weekend nights
  • enhance the campus social environment
  • serve a maximum number of students
  • are collaborative ventures involving  diverse Cornell student organizations

CUTC grants up to $5,000 to student groups that wish to put on late-night events on the Cornell campus!

Please take note of the following details:

  • The event must begin no earlier than 8 PM and must take place on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night.
  • Events that begin at or after 8 PM but end before 1 AM are eligible for up to $3000 in funding; Events that begin at or after 8 PM and end at or after 1 AM are eligible for up to $5000 in funding.

Contact the commission today to discuss your event idea: cutonight@cornell.edu!

Applications are now OPEN for events being held between 8/25/17 and 10/8/17.
The due date for the application is 4/14/17.
Click here to access information about the funding application.

NOTE: Funding policies have changed:

The funding cap for events after 1 AM will be decreased to $4,000 for events held during the Spring and remain at $5,000 for events held in the Fall.
The funding cap for events before 1 AM will be decreased to $2,500 for both semesters.

Email cutonight@cornell.edu with your application questions.