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EARS (Empathy, Assistance and Referral Service) is a vibrant peer-led counseling and training program open to all members of the Cornell community: anonymous, free, confidential.

EARS Celebrates Supporting Students Throughout a 45 Year History. Read the full article on The Cornell Daily Sun.

255-EARS (3277)

213 Willard Straight Hall

EARS is open:

Counseling Hours
Sun - Thu 3-10:30pm
Fri 3-10:00pm
Sat 6-10:00pm
EARS is staffed by undergraduate and graduate student counselors, as well as Cornell staff.
Alumni Counselor Profile

Michaela Olson

Engineering '16

"My experience with EARS was extremely meaningful and memorable. Through EARS, I became an active listener when interacting with other people. This experience will help me next year when I am working with Teach for America."

Alumni Counselor Profile

Masrai Williams

McNair Scholar/HUMEC '15

"Cornell at times can leave you feeling fragmented between your academic interests and your extra-curricular activities and other affiliations. EARS was a place where I could reflect on the whole of my experience and feel supported to live a more compassionate and integrated life. I learned a great deal about myself in the process and I now have skills that have enabled me to be of support to others wherever my life takes me. Being an EARS counselor was one of the most rewarding experiences in my time at Cornell."

Alumni Counselor Profile

Jonathan Kwee

Hotel '16

"I used to be very disconnected from my feelings. EARS has made me become much more comfortable with expressing my emotions."

Alumni Counselor Profile

Kristin Hsieh

Biology & Society '16

"Try it out for one whole semester! You will definitely learn something and meet some of the kindest people at Cornell. I met several of my closest friends through EARS. Joining EARS was one of the best decisions I ever made."

Alumni Counselor Profile

Ankur Srivastava

Arts '16

"EARS is an amazing community at Cornell! It is filled with incredible, kind, caring and empathetic people. I found EARS to be a very enriching experience and I hope that others will join!"


Information about our compassionate, short term counseling services. No appointment needed.


EARS is student-run organization that is funded in part by the Student Activity Fee. Anyone in the Cornell Community is welcome to train to be a counselor.


EARS Counselors and trainers offer free interactive workshops upon request for any campus group.