About EARS

A vibrant peer-led counseling program and training program founded in 1972, EARS (Empathy, Assistance and Referral Service) continues with the assistance of skilled dedicated volunteers (Cornell Undergraduates, Graduate students and Professional Staff) who have undergone extensive training and have passed through a rigorous selection process to provide non-judgmental, short term counseling. All services are free and confidential. For more information email us at ears@cornell.edu.


Janet Shortall, Associate Dean of Students has been at Cornell since 1994 and has been the Director of EARS Counseling and Training program since 2010. In addition to EARS, Janet is responsible for the oversight of the University Crisis Management Team.

Mar Pérez, a graphic designer by academic training, is responsible for both administrative support and is the lead designer for all EARS related promotional materials and maintains the EARS website. In addition to EARS, Mar is the primary administrative support person to Cornell Minds Matter and the University Crisis Management and Community Support Teams.

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