Khutbahs are managed by the Worship Coordination Committee (WCC).



This will be updated as information reaches the WCC.



  1. Language: The khatib's english should be strong enough for the majority of the audience to understand the khutbah. The khatib's Arabic should be strong enough for proper recitation of Quran and Hadith. If the khatib does not have a strong command of Arabic, someone else will lead the prayer.

  2. Format: The khutbah should follow accepted khutbah format, including but not limited to introducing the subject, citing Quran and/or Hadith, and summarizing the khutbah.

    • Arabic speakers may opt to give a 15-20 minute talk in English, followed by a 5 minute khutbah in Arabic. This format is acceptable and has been widely-practiced. Interested khatibs can speak to a member of the Worship Coordination Committee for more information.

    • Non-Arabic speakers can give the khutbah in English, as has been done for many years at Cornell and is also acceptable. 

  3. Content: Any Hadith or Quran that is used in the khutbah should be cited. Any fatwa that is presented should also be cited. Khatibs are encouraged to meet with a member of the Worship Coordination Committee who can briefly review the proper recitation of these excerpts prior to the khutbah.

  4. Preparation: The topic of the khutbah should be determined and made public one week in advance. Any khatib who will be delivering the khutbah for the first time must have their khutbah completely ready by the weekend before their scheduled Friday. This is to encourage early preparation and, if necessary, give time for the khatib to meet with a committee member to go over any details of the khutba such as rituals and recitation. Khatibs who generally wish to review details of the khutbah with a committee member should request a meeting by the Wednesday before their scheduled khutbah.

  5. Length: Khatibs should prepare their khutbahs to be completed within the time window of 1:40-1:45 PM.



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