Worship Coordination Committee (WCC)

The Worship Coordination Committee is composed of both students and community members. It was formed to handle functions that are shared by the students and community. They include:

  • Managing Friday prayers and khutbahs
  • Maintaining a community directory
  • Collecting donations at Friday prayers
  • Making arrangements for Ramadan and the two Eids
  • Communicating and addressing community concerns

To learn more about the functions of the WCC, please read the following document.

General Contact

Email: mecawcc@gmail.com
Phone: (607) 216-8362


MECA Representative



Arwa Ali (aaa297@cornell.edu)

Dieynab Diatta (dsd89@cornell.edu)

Mumtaz Ahmed (ma948@cornell.edu)

Community Members

Abdou Abdel-Rehim (amabdelrehim@gmail.com)

Event Calendar

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Friday Prayers

Friday prayers are held every Friday starting at 1:15pm in the One World Room of Anabel Taylor Hall (Map).

Daily Prayers

Prayers are held daily in Room 218 Anabel Taylor Hall near the beginning of the prayer time. Click here for current prayer times.