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Piano and Theory Lessons

Cornell Piano Society specializes in bringing students and teachers together to share our collective love for piano and musical discovery. See our Lessons page for details.

Social Events and Concerts

We schedule regular social events, including movie screenings, group attendance at other musical performances on campus, informal concerts, and more. See the home page for updates on upcoming social events. If there is a particular upcoming concert, show, or other event that you would like to propose to the club, please let us know! (Email us with suggestions). If there is a cost associated with the event, we can provide members discounts on tickets.

We hold at least one formal concert per semester, around the end of classes or the beginning of study week. Remember that only members who pay their dues can perform at these concerts. To sign up to play at our next formal concert, email us. To see all of our events this semester, check out our Events page.


Cornell Piano Society loves working with other organizations on campus! In the past we have supplied pianists for one-time and recurring events, (e.g. Johnson Museum Club, Welcome Weekend committee). If your organization is interested in working with us, email us.