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Who We Are

Cornell Piano Society provides a community for pianists and piano fans in the Cornell community of all ages, abilities, and interests. We provide member-to-member lessons to help beginners sharpen their skills and to help intermediate students keep up with their practicing and performing. We hold formal and informal concerts throughout the year. We host various social events to foster a community of people on campus who love piano. We collaborate with other organizations on campus who are looking for pianists. We connect our members with resources on campus including university lessons, master classes, performance opportunities, visiting musicians, and more.

In Fall 2008, we provided lessons to over 50 students with the help of over 30 volunteer teachers! We also held an informal and a formal concert, taught two levels of theory classes weekly, hosted a movie screening, held a teachers' appreciation banquet, hired one new officer, and formed two committees to help with advertising and events planning. Membership rose above 100 paid members for the first time in the club's history, and we kept over 500 people updated on our club's activity via our mailing list. Our numbers have only grown since then!

We now organize a scholarship to a few promising student teachers each year. This has since served to increase interest in our lessons program, as well as increase the quality of teaching. Additionally, we have a dedicated performance group, Piannovation, whose performances include famous solo pieces, arrangements of various genres of music new and old, and even parodies and medleys. More novel ideas to expand Cornell Piano Society are sure to come, most likely from yours truly!