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Can I still sign up for lessons?

Possibly. We usually let our listserv know when lesson signups are done for the semester, but feel free to shoot us an email if you want to make sure.

Can I still pay dues? How do I make payments?

Come to our general body meetings on any Saturday at 2:00 pm in B20 Lincoln Hall to pay. Cash or checks to "Cornell Piano Society" only, please!

I'm a student/teacher who can't contact my teacher/student. What should I do?

Email your teacher/student (we email you your teacher/student's contact info, but if you forgot, check the Cornell directory to find current students' email addresses). Tell him/her that you are their student/teacher, and that you'd like to plan a time to meet every week for your lessons. Find a time and location that works for both of you.

I've really been trying, but I still can't make contact with my teacher/student! Help!

If you haven't been able to contact your teacher/student after repeated efforts, email us and let us know who your teacher/student is. We will then make reassignments.

I really can't work with my teacher/student. What should I do?

If you have irreconcilable differences (e.g. different genre interests, incompatible levels of teaching/learning, incompatible schedules, etc.), email us and let us know who your teacher/student is, what the problem is, and we will make reassignments if necessary.

Can I switch to a different lesson level/genre/time slot?

Email us and let us know what switch you would like to make.

I still have questions!

Email us, or contact the appropriate officer directly.