Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit?

Rainy Day accepts submissions of previously unpublished fiction, poetry, and the occasional short play from current undergraduate students in the United States. We publish biannually, once in the fall and once in the spring.


Where should I send my submissions?

Please direct all submissions to as .doc or .docx files. When possible, please use university email addresses to send submissions. 


How many submissions can I send in?

In the spirit of creative freedom and also for our reading pleasure, we do not set a limit on the number of pieces an author can submit. However, in order to provide space in the magazine for all voices, we will only accept up to three pieces per author.


What is the page limit for submissions?

As space in the magazine tends to be limited, the maximum length for a fiction piece is 10 pages, 1.15-spaced, 10-point font. Works much longer than this will generally not be considered, barring exceptional circumstances to be determined at the discretion of the editorial staff. On average, works of poetry are shorter, and so we do not ascribe a page limit to these. We only ask that authors exercise their judgment in making sure their poems are not excessively long.


How does the review process work?

Rainy Day holds weekly interactive meetings for staff members to discuss the submissions and cast their votes on whether they feel the pieces would be a good fit for the magazine. Submissions are reviewed anonymously and on the basis of content/writing quality alone. At the end of the semester, the highest-rated pieces are revisited to determine the content of the final manuscript.


What is your acceptance rate?

Our acceptance rate for the Fall 2017 issue was approximately 8.7%. However, we do not mandate a certain acceptance rate (or a range of acceptance rates), and we will accept any and all pieces that we feel would contribute positively to the magazine. On average, the length of the magazine from semester to semester is between 30-40 pages.


When can I expect to receive a decision?

Authors are informed of their acceptance decisions at the end of the semester (December/May). The magazines are printed at the beginning of the semester listed on the issue.


Can I receive a copy of the magazine once it's published?

Yes; accepted authors may have up to five copies of the magazine shipped to a domestic (US) address, free of charge. Due to international shipping costs, we are unable to accommodate requests to ship to international addresses at this time.


How do I join the editorial staff?

Any and all Cornell undergraduate students are welcome to join Rainy Day! All you have to do is attend and participate in the weekly meetings, which are held on Tuesdays from 5-6 PM in 105 Stimson Hall. Students (particularly underclassmen) interested in future editorial board positions are strongly advised to attend meetings as regularly as possible, as attendance is one of the most important factors considered in the appointment of editors for the upcoming year.