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Risley's Shops Hall Council, "A-sub," meets at 7:00 pm on Sundays before class days in the Central Living Room, just inside the main entrance.

In Spring 2016, EHS conducted a walkthrough, and informed RHD Meurcie Redding that the Shops were in imminent danger of being shut down due to serious safety concerns.

In Fall 2016, RA Matthew Lin worked with RHD Meurcie to found A-sub to meet EHS standards.

In Spring 2017, RA Matthew and AIR Adam Boggs conducted another walkthrough, and EHS called the changes "night and day."

In Fall 2017, RA Matthew registered the group with SLECA, and submitted the first SAFC budget request.

In Spring 2018, students led by President Grady Owens and Treasurer Kalyn McGuire were able to work with RHD Evan Walsh to submit the second SAFC budget request.

In Fall 2018, SRA Matthew and AIR Gideon Gerlt conducted a walkthrough with Risk Management for additional support.

We have three main goals:

1. Safety

Work with EHS, Risk Management, Facilities, and Artist-in-Residence to balance student creativity and EHS Standards.

2. Communication

Facilitate communication between Shop Managers, Student Staff, Professional Staff, and Ithaca Community Members.

3. Documentation

Create Standard Operating Procedures, Inventories, and handoff materials for future shop users.


Information about agenda, usage and funding for Risley shops can be found to the left.

Questions and proposals are sent to Officers Grady (gwo8), Spencer (sdb246), Kalyn (krm236), and Annie (akb222), CC'ing SRA Matthew (mxl5)! Most shop users will be required to have Risley membership (resident or Out-of-House).

If you have interest in Risley Theater, see the "Theater Subcommittee."

For space and funding allocations, visit "Kommittee."

A-Sub Meetings

7:00 pm on Sundays preceding class
Central Living Room, Risley Hall