Student Activities Funding Commission - About the SAFC

The Student Activities Funding Commission (SAFC) is the student-run funding arm of Cornell University. The SAFC is responsible for funding over 500 registered undergraduate student organizations on the Cornell campus. Our membership embodies our ambition to provide funding for students, by students. The SAFC is comprised of thirty-nine commissioners with diverse backgrounds and involvements across campus.

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Executive Board

  • Joseph Jang

  • Yashvi Gattani

  • Andrew Baker
    Vice Chair for External Operations

  • Uchral Tergel
    Vice Chair for Internal Relations

  • Jack Robbins
    Vice Chair for Public Relations


    Lexie Federhen

  • Junie Khang


Non-voting Members

  • Co-Chair Emeritus: Matthew Baumel
  • SA Liaison: Diana Li

University Staff

Terry Ector

Coordinator and Accounts Representative

Office: 401 E Willard Straight Hall
Phone: (607) 255–9610