Student Activities Funding Commission - Calendar and Deadlines for

Budget requests are due via OrgSync, and forms are due to 401 E WSH.

Dual Semester / Total Funding Application Deadline (to request all funding in one semester): 

Budget Application Available:

Budget Help Session 1: 
Budget Help Session 2:
Commissioner Office Hours:
Semester budget application deadline:
Hard copies of supporting documents due:
Preliminary allocations released via OrgSync:
Deadline to sign up for a budget hearing:
Budget Hearings: 

Allocations Released: 

Deadline to sign up for an appeal (via email per Section 6):
Spending Funds Help Session:
Spending Funds Help Session:
Special requests due to 401 E WSH
Special projects, category transfers, and special cancellations
Direct payment authorization for durable goods and publications
Deadline for other payment requests: