Student Activities Funding Commission - OrgSync Budget Requests

SAFC uses OrgSync to collect and review funding requests. Refer to the OrgSync step-by-step guide for comprehensive instructions.

Best Practices

Here are a list of best practices from past applications:

  • Select funding categories under the SAFC headers
  • Ensure that the President, Treasurer, and Advisor have entered three separate comments on the budget designating their approval before the deadline on ;. The names should match those listed on Orgsync (President must be the officer listed as "President", not "Co-President", "Third Officer" or another title)
  • Label supporting documentation clearly, e.g. "Travel Event Sept NYU Conference - Proof of Event" and "Travel Event Sept NYU Conference - Mileage"
  • Use clear descriptions for each expense, for example:
    • Administrative Expenses:
      • "Copies for recruitment quartercards and posters"
      • "Website domain to advertise club events and information about general body meetings"
    • Local Event:
      • "Room rental for 6 hours in the ILR Conference Center"
      • "Speaker fee for guest lecturer visiting on behalf of the National Restaurant Association"
    • Travel Event:
      • For Hotel Line Item: "Lodging for 10 students * 2 nights * negotiated rate (per student per night)"
      • For Travel Line Item: "Travel for 10 students * 223 miles * 2 (roundtrip) * negotiated rate (per student per mile)"
    • Durable Good:
      • "10 handheld drums to be used as props while performing and for practice, to be stored in Lincoln Hall storage room"
      • "Headlamps to safely maneuver trails and campsites at night during monthly camping trips, to be stored in Thurston 215"
    • Publication:
      • "Funds for the law magazine that is published bi-monthly"
      • "Short story publication that showcases undergraduate creative writing pieces on a semesterly basis"