Student Activities Funding Commission - Spending Funds

Important Dates:

Direct payment authorization for durable good orders and publication production must be received by . The deadline for other payment requests is . Funds remaining unspent after this deadline will revert to the Commission for redistribution in the following semester.


1. Your organization must have an account with the SAFC.

In order to receive funds and initiate any financial transaction, you must have an account set up with the SAFC. Your organization will have such an account if:

  • You have been granted SAFC funds within the last two semesters; or,
  • You have been granted funding for a co-organized event in the current semester

2. Your organization must have funds in the account that are eligible for your expenses.

Funds allocated to your organization’s account by the SAFC are restricted to particular categories of expenses; Administrative, Local Event, Travel Event, Durable Good, and Publication (for more information, please see the supported expenses page).

Your organization may additionally have unrestricted funds transferred into your SAFC account. Unlike SAFC-allocated funds, unrestricted funds will remain in your organization’s account after the semester ends and may be spent on any expense that is permitted under university finance rules.

3. Your organization must spend funds before they revert

Funds allocated by the SAFC have an expiration date set in the SAFC calendar. This semester, durable good purchases and publication orders through direct authorization must be done by  while all other expenses must be transacted by  .

If your organization misses these deadlines, the funds will revert to the SAFC for use on other projects and will no longer be available for your organization. This will also affect your organization’s efficiency spending percentage. 

4. You must submit a payment request and/or reimbursement request to the SAFC accounts representative, Terry Ector, located in 401 Willard Straight Hall

The forms are available as fillable PDF documents and you must fill them out electronically before printing. Handwritten entries are permitted only for fields that are not fillable electronically. Otherwise, documents with handwritten entries will be returned to the submitter unprocessed. Links to these forms can be found on OrgSync.

5. Include the SAFC logo and the text, “Funded in part by the Student Activities Funding Commission” on all fliers, posters, promotions, programs,

This is required by Appendix B: Section IV. Sub-Section T of the SAFC Guidelines.

Methods of Payment

Direct Payment


Description: The university pays directly for your organization’s expenses using the funds allocated in your SAFC account.

Description: Repayment for expenses incurred out of pocket by your organization, individual, or university department involved with the expense.

  • This form of payment is required for payments made directly to a vendor for services and fees such as lecture/speaking engagements, coaching/lessons, referees, entertainment, Daily Sun ads, etc.
  • Cornell (not the organization) MUST initiate the payment to the vendor so the income is reflected on the vendor’s IRS 1099
  • Reimbursements come in the form of mailed checks for individuals and account money transfers for university departments
  • Available for durable goods, travel, etc.

Required Documents:

  • Engagement Agreement or contract negotiated between the organization and the vendor
  • *(NEW POLICY)* All speakers/performers must fill out the Engagement Agreement or contract regardless of the amount we are paying them
  • Invoice or quote detailing expenses if $500 or less
  • Other forms for specific requests

Required Documents:

  • Original, itemized receipts taped to a blank 8.5 X 11 inch piece of paper
  • Valid proof of payment (receipt from vendor, credit card statement, etc.)
  • Proof of event (event announcement, team schedule, etc.)
  • Other forms required for specific cases

Please note:

Students cannot sign contracts on behalf of the University. 
Vendors providing services much meet Cornell’s insurance requirements. If you are a university group, please contact your department’s Business Service Center. If you are an independent group, please contact Loreen Geiger (

Relevant Documents can be found on OrgSync:

Reimbursement Request
Direct Payment Authorization
Performer Reimbursement and Payment Request
Student Travel Addendum
Daily Sun Advertisement Authorization
Catering Contract
Sports official Contract
Engagement Agreement

Special Cancellations


  • Special Cancellations allow organizations to remove select funds from the tier and efficiency spending calculation
  • Requests must be submitted within two weeks of the organization becoming aware of the inability to fulfill the expense or by  (whichever is earlier)
  • The Commission will determine whether or not the circumstances are unforeseen. These may include but are not limited to:
    • Speaker/performer cancellations after the budget was reviewed
    • Weather conditions prohibiting travel
    • Injury or illness