About Us

Snodgrass and Wigglesworth meets weekly during the academic year to discuss interesting aspects of entomology. A typical meeting consists of a short guest presentation (given either by entomology faculty, graduate students, visiting guest speakers, or SnodWiggs members themselves) followed by an open-ended discussion and specific club business. It is also common for our meetings to be furnished with live bugs, plentiful snacks/beverages and (occasionally) pizza.

In addition to our regular meetings, SnodWiggs members are known to partake in many various types of insect-related activities. When the weather is warm (and even when it's cold), we like to use our insect-collecting equipment (including blacklights and aerial/aquatic nets) on group collecting trips in a variety of locations in and around Ithaca. Group members have even traveled around the country to visit graduate entomology departments and collect insects, and other such trips are likely to be planned in the future.

Every year, SnodWiggs also likes to plan several camping adventures. It is a SnodWiggs tradition to have at least one weekend camping trip during the coldest months of winter, preferably on the coldest and/or snowiest day of the year! We have also been known to camp during the warmer spring months, often in combination with our traditional end-of-the-year barbecue celebration.

Entomological outreach is also an integral and fun part of Snodgrass and Wigglesworth. Our members have recently given educational presentations at the Entomological Society of America - Eastern Branch Meeting, the International Union for the Study of Social Insects, the Social Insects in the North-East Regions, and many other locations! Our combination of enthusiasm and live demos (because who doesn't love a nice, big caterpillar?) make our presentations dynamic and popular. Our club has also participated extensively in Insectapalooza, the Cornell Entomology Department's annual Open House event, since 2006.

Our other fun activities include: road trips to insect museums (including the Smithsonian in Washington DC and the Natural History Museum in NYC), insect origami (it isn't just for Insectapalooza!), and the occasional game of 'The Gentleman's Entomology Club'. We're also a gregarious bunch that likes to get together for various social events in which we watch bad bug movies, eat snacks (and sometimes bugs!) and generally just have a great time.

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