How to Join

Above: SnodWiggs group photo at Diptera collection in the Smithsonian, Spring Break Trip 2017 (L-R: Arabelle Osicky, Ari Grele, Milena Blue Spruce, Leeah Richardson, Erin Krichilsky, Dan Pearlstein, Rachel Norris, Jacob Gorneau)

Anyone who is currently an undergraduate at Cornell can join Snodgrass and Wigglesworth, regardless of their course of study! No prior entomological experience or insect knowledge is required... all you need is an interest in the wonderful world of arthropods! After all, we are all here to learn about bugs together!

To join our club, simply come to any one of our meetings (which are held on Tuesday afternoons at 4:45pm in 2123 Comstock Hall). It's never too late to start coming and once you attend your first meeting, you are automatically a member of the club! Contact any of our officers if you have questions or need more information! No membership dues will ever be required.

If you're interested, you can also sign up for our mailing list by emailing your name and netID to Leeah (lr425). You'll then receive weekly meeting agendas/minutes as well as information about upcoming meetings, trips, events, and social gatherings. Remember that you can always be removed from the list if you so wish. 

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