What is your favorite SnodWiggs memory?

We asked current and past SnodWiggs members to tell us about their favorite Snodgrass and Wigglesworth memory and to share with us their favorite SnodWiggs stories/jokes/anecdotes. Here is what they had to say....

  • "One of the most memorable SnodWiggs moments that I can recall is from back in 2006, when Eric Epstein recited a screenplay that he was working on. The screenplay contained steamy imagery of a whale, and Keith couldn't handle it, so he silently made his way to the door... but when he got near the threshold, he made a run for it and tripped over his chair, causing him to stumble gracelessly into the hallway and hit the wall, before running noisily and uncoordinatedly towards the elevator." --Anthony Auletta, '10

  • "Easily one of the most entertaining SnodWiggs episodes for me was when Sam and Jamie were playing the 'Gentlemen's Entomology Role-Playing Game' and Jamie improvised the tune that his character apparently made with the spiracles of a damselfly: Doot-doot-doot-do!" --Jenna DeNicola, '09

  • "So this one time we went camping, and a racoon stole our bananas during the night. We found the peels strewn nearby the next morning. It was pretty upsetting for everyone involved."  --Brett Morgan, '14

  • "That was more than upsetting. Those were my bananas and you forced me to keep them out of the tent. I was distraught. Luckily, I didn't have to eat raw chicken that night." --Hunter Reid, '16

Do you have a favorite memory or funny SnodWiggs story that you'd like to share? Email it to Leeah (lr425) and it will be added to the "Memories" page!

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