About Us

Sober@Cornell is a student organization that was founded in 2012 by several students in recovery to provide support for students choosing to live sober. While it is not necessary that tenants belong to Sober@Cornell, we certainly welcome tenants to join. The club holds weekly meetings which will be held at 216 Dearborn Place. We also engage in a variety of sober activities on and off campus. Past events include regular dinners in downtown Ithaca, holiday dinners, apple-picking, and weekly games. 

In short, we are a group for students, either in recovery or abstaining from drugs and alcohol, who are looking for an alternative lifestyle. We aim to create a fun, safe, sober place for anyone hoping to enjoy the company of friends. In these actions, Sober@Cornell has sought to lessen the stigma associated with recovery and support sobriety for students.

For more information, or if you are interested in joining, 
send us a line: SOBER@cornell.edu