Meet the Board

Alan Dorsinville: Co-President

Alan Dorsinville is a senior majoring in Biology and Society in the College of Arts and Sciences. This year, he is one of the two presidents for Students Onto Scholars. He joined SOS to become more involved in the Ithaca community and its youth. Education is also very important to him and he wants all youth to have an equal chance at higher education and success, regardless of their background. His goal is to one day become a medical doctor.


Shoshana Sheinfeld: Co-President

Shoshana is a senior majoring in Biology and Society, with minors in Spanish, Inequalities Studies, and Nutrition within the College of Arts and Sciences. Serving as Students Onto Scholars’ Co-President, Shoshana is excited to share and encourage her love of education with other students, particularly youth in Ithaca. She hopes to further her own education in the field of Public Health.


Kwesi Bedu-Addo: Co-Publicity Chair

Kwesi is a junior majoring in Economics within the College of Arts and Sciences. As Publicity Chair, Kwesi creatively works to raise awareness about SOS’s mission on campus and in Ithaca. He joined SOS to help contribute to the greater Ithaca community, and develop leadership and teamwork skills under the PSC. In the future, Kwesi aims to help develop the African continent.


Jovan Kemp: Co-Secretary

Jovan Kemp is a sophomore majoring in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Neurobiology in the college of Arts and Sciences. He was motivated to join SOS by the desire to guide aspiring students with their academic and personal development. As a secretary on the SOS board, his goal is to help whenever he can in the best possible manner that he can.


Tom Mbega: Co-Secretary

Tom Mwanzanje Mbega is a sophomore/junior majoring in Economics from the college of Arts & Sciences and pursuing the University Wide Business minor from the Dyson School. As the  Co-Secretary to Students Onto Scholars club for the 2014-2015 school year, he is passionate about community development and hopes to become a greater agent of positive change across the world in years to come.


Simba Meki: Co-Treasurer

Simba is a junior Economics major with minors in Education and Business within the College of Arts and Sciences. Simba joined SOS because he wants to give back to the community what another community has given to him. He has always actively pursued providing academic support for others, and wants to continue doing so until he graduates and can begin teaching. Simba  hopes to begin Teaching for America after completing his undergraduate degree. His goal in the future is to be happy and make others around him happy as well.


Eric Perfetti: Co-Treasurer                                                                                                             

Eric Perfetti is an Engineering class of 2015 Science of Earth System major student concentrating in Geohydrology and minoring in AEM. Eric joined SOS because of his great interest in education and he hopes to become a professional engineer for a consulting company and work on projects involving tunneling and underground water flow.


Yalini Pathmakumar: Events Coordinator

Yalini Pathmakumar is a junior in the College of Human Ecology, with a major in Human, Biology, Health and Society.  Yalini was driven by her organizational and creative inclinations to join the SOS board as Showcase Chair. She hopes to become a doctor in the future.


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