We work throughout the year to achieve the following goals:
1) Organize projects such as our annual Thanksgiving Turkey Donation Drive and Big Red Food Drive. 
2) Empower the general Cornell population with the knowledge of pressing hunger issues and the wastage of unspent BRBs.
3) Volunteer in our local community through agencies such as the Food Bank of the Southern Tier.

During the Fall, we hold our annual Thanksgiving Turkey Donation Drive. Last year, we collected thousands of dollars in funds to provide 300 turkeys to families in the community!  The money was donated to both Groton Food Providers and Pine City’s Pennsylvania Avenue United Methodist Church to purchase turkeys for families who can't afford meals for the holiday. 

Throughout the year, we also participate in Mobile Food Pantry visits through the Food Bank of the Southern Tier. During these visits, we deliver food to elderly and disabled residents of an apartment building who have difficulty obtaining food themselves due to limited mobility and resources. 

During the Spring semester, we run our Big Red Food Drive. The Big Red Food Drive is our campus-wide food donation effort that encourages students to use the unspent BRBs they have at the end of the year to purchase non-perishable food items that we then donate to Tompkins County residents who are unable to obtain enough food for themselves. We also encourage students to donate excess food items from their dorm rooms and apartments to this end-of-year food drive.

In Spring of 2013, we compiled and published a cookbook of recipes from Cornell University faculty and staff called Big Red Recipes, which can be purchased at the Cornell Book Store. 

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