Welcome to the Sport Taekwondo at Cornell website! We are a Cornell student organization comprised of members ranging from white belts to black belts. Our club has produced local, state, and national tournament champions and we'd love for you to be the next one!


Collegiate Taekwondo Nationals is at the University of Denver from April 3 to 5th. Help us get there by visiting our Gofundme page!

Congratulations to our very own Hijab Khan, Hilary Monaco, Jeremy Fredricks, and Samuel Rabkin for making the 2014-2015 ECTC All Star Team! They will join 8 other competitors from the ECTC this January in Orlando, Florida training and competing in US Open. Best of luck to all ECTC competitors. Show them what the league is made of!

To New Members

If you are interested in joining the club, see the contacts page for how to get involved and the about page for club hours. We welcome participants of all levels. Most of our members have no experience prior to joining, but some even go on to compete at nationals or be selected for the all star team.

Mailing List

We have a listserve! Please contact Listserv manager Lydia Lam at LL552@cornell.edu for more information/admission onto the listserve.

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