Latino Christian Community (Previously -Latino Bible Study)

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  • Category: Religious
  • Description: Latino Christian Community (LCC) is a student-run Christian fellowship that seeks to create a loving community in which we can support one another with the love of Christ. We wish to make an impact in the Cornell Latino community and Ithaca communities through prayers, service, love, faith, and the knowledge of God’s Word. We seek to shine Christ’s love by strengthening each other in God’s Words as well as through prayers and making a tight-knit community where it is comfortable to encourage each other in Christ. We also seek to support missionaries working in Latin American countries through prayers and missionary service.
  • Website: latinobiblestudy
  • Keywords:
    • Latino
    • Bible
    • Study
    • Christian
    • Community
    • Faith
    • Religion
    • Religious
    • Jesus
    • Love
    • Hispanic
    • Spanish

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