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  • Category: College - Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Description: The goal of the Cornell Herpetological Society is to provide a forum for the informal exchange of herpetological knowledge and information, including but not limited to natural history, ecology, and conservation efforts. One manner in which we accomplish this goal is through the presentations of guest speakers at scheduled CHS meetings. The Society also conducts outreach events with live animals, participates in field surveys with the Local Finger Lake Land Trust, and schedules trips to research facilities, zoos, and aquarium. This society serves as a tool to advance herpetological knowledge and cultivate these interests among the community by acting as an educational vehicle to the community at large. The CHS always seeks to combat the prejudices and misconceptions that exist about reptiles and amphibians and tries to promote interest in their study. This society supports and encourages conservation efforts that act to ensure the continued survival of these animals in the wild.
  • Website: http://www.eeb.cornell.edu/cuherps/flash/flash.html
  • Keywords:
    • biology
    • herpetology
    • science
    • behavior
    • reptiles
    • amphibians
    • herps
    • herpetofauna
    • snakes
    • lizards
    • turtles
    • salamanders
    • frogs
    • nature
    • outreach
    • education
    • service
    • animals
    • research
    • conservation
    • veterinary
    • husbandry

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