Critical Thought At Cornell

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  • Category: Political or Social Action
  • Description: Critical Thought At Cornell is a growing coalition of students at Cornell University working on various social and environmental justice initiatives both on and off campus. We have recognized a growing need for students at Cornell to have access to and understand the ideas, theories, and actions being put forth by contemporary critical thinkers on the forefront of promoting and teaching through intersectional frameworks. Intersectionality refers to the various social and cultural categories, and other axes of identity that interact on multiple and often simultaneous levels and contribute to systemic social and environmental inequalities. We seek to facilitate speaking events, workshops, and panels which feature voices from traditionally marginalized communities. Our mission is to critically engage with students at Cornell and to provide a forum to give voice and strength to students at Cornell who live at the intersection of multiple oppressions.
  • Website: No Website
  • Keywords:
    • Intersectionality
    • Critical Race Theory
    • Feminism
    • Racism
    • White supremacy
    • patriarchy
    • cis
    • gender
    • homophobia
    • capitalism
    • workshops

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